Our Story

Mile High Title Research was opened in 2004 by Michael and Shannon Grote. Since then, Mile High has grown to become one of the leading property research companies in the state of Colorado. Our clients include local and national title insurers, attorneys, underwriters, county treasurers, document retrieval and research companies.

We have built our reputation over the years by employing experienced title searchers that know Colorado title standards and county records. These senior searchers oversee our comprehensive training and mentoring program. This program gives newer employees a solid abstracting foundation, while providing critical checks and balances so all products provided to our clients meet our high quality standards.


Based out of Westminster, Colorado we are a locally-owned business that takes pride in the relationships we’ve developed with our clients. By supplying a constant support system from beginning to end of each transaction, we provide the foundation for our clients to prosper.

Give us a call at (303) 839-5591 or submit a quote form to see what sets us apart from other research companies.